NED / Support
Access Technologies provides full spectrum IT+ network monitoring, alerting, and reporting services through NED - our exclusive remote management system. You can count on NED to manage any technology on your network.

Our NED Managed Support Services provide you with the following business benefits:

  • Ability to focus your internal resources on more strategic initiatives
  • Improved service levels to your business users and customers
  • Access to 24x365 support for both systems and applications
  • Rapid deployment of advanced systems management capabilities

The largest proportion of any organizaton's IT budget is spent maintaining existing systems- 50-80% of budgets are estimated to be consumed by the ongoing maintenance of systems.

Access Technologies understands that getting a complex system installed and working is only the first challenge. Over the life of the system, far more time will be spent checking it, updating it, and fixing problems. Most of this work is not complex, just mundane and time-consuming.

With a focus on continuous improvement and leveraging our investments across multiple clients, we can provide leading solutions - with service level agreements - at an affordable cost.