NEDdesktop Service

NEDdesktopTM provides affordable on-demand remote support for your desktop users. NEDdesktopTM establishes an immediate connection between your user, their desktop, and an Access Technologies Remote Support Analyst.

NEDdesktopTM enables our Support Analysts to be ‘virtually' onsite without the cost of being ‘literally' onsite. With NEDdesktopTM, your users connect to our support center, receive support, and then continue working almost immediately.

Context Specific Help

Access Technologies can accommodate Application Specific support in addition to general desktop inquires. NEDdesktopTM services can embed "HELP ME' buttons on the menu bar of corporate applications to summon immediate support prepared to address and resolve application-specific problems and questions.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Decrease the need for onsite support
  • Shorten call times and reduce repeat call for the same issue
  • Diagnose and resolve problems faster via remote screen sharing
  • Optimize your users efforts towards their core responsibilities


NEDdesktopTM uses the latest technology to ensure that all data is completely secure between yourself and the NEDdesktopTM Support Analyst, both during and after and support sessions. The security measures incorporated such as AES 256-bit encryption are designed to stop any unauthorized persons from gaining access to your data, programs, or systems.

Affordable Cost Model

NEDdesktopTM support services are billed in 15 minute increments as opposed to the traditional ‘1 hour minimum plus travel'. Statistically 80% of desktop support can be accomplished remotely and most support calls can be resolved within 15 minutes.