NEDbackup Service

Data Protection - The Fundamental Realities.

There are three fundamental realities facing SMB's today:

  1. They are generating a lot more data than ever before.
  2. The value of the data they are generating continues to mount.
  3. Increasing awareness of the need to protect data resources or face significant business risk and regulatory infractions.

SMB's have gotten the message that what is worth having is worth protecting. However, SMB's report problems with traditional backup and recovery performance, reliability (due to media failure, human error, and hardware failure), tape management headaches, and high administrative costs. Furthermore, they appreciate that losses from failed backups and failed recovery attempts translate into lost dollars, or worse.

New options for SMB's:

The ubiquity of low-cost, high bandwidth connectivity solutions coupled with resilient, inexpensive disk-based storage solutions has opened the door to attractive options for organizations.

NEDbackupTM leverages those options. NEDbackupTM is an automated data backup and restoration system to protect your organization's data.


  • Non-disruptive - no impact on your existing network and applications
  • No capital investment
  • No more media costs
  • No more media reliability concerns
  • No more tape management concerns
  • No more offsite tape storage
  • Much lower backup administration cost
  • No more tape backup hardware costs
  • No more tape drive reliability concerns
  • Faster, easier data recovery process
  • More secure - your data is encrypted then stored. Data access requires password.
  • Anytime access - achieve access to your stored data anytime from any place with an Internet connection