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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is about connecting people. It is about ensuring that your employees are communicating at their very best with fellow employees and customers alike, regardless of their location. It is about improving the way we work, the way we communicate with each other, and the way we manage our business relationships. Face-to-face meetings are vital to the success of these relationships and endeavors, and the only way to maximize your level of collaboration in our fast-paced business world is by utilizing video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

lifesizwproductsAccess Technologies' goal is to demonstrate the value of video conferencing and what it can do for your organization. We realize this commitment by helping our customers define the best configuration for their video conferencing needs while ensuring that they achieve the best return on their investment.

Access Technologies' High-Definition Video Conferencing Solutions feature award-winning products from:

  • LifeSize

LifeSize HD Video Conferencing products offer unmatched performance and usability at a price that works within any company's budget. Our Video Conferencing systems reduce travel costs, time, increases productivity, allows for better engagement than over the phone, allocates more time to make decisions, reduces carbon emissions, and relieves other operating expenses that come with physically bringing people together.

LifeSize Video Conferencing delivers business critical features at a fraction of what any competitive HD solution would cost. Features include:

  • Sharp HD video and audio (up to 720p30 HD video)
  • Recording keys for organizing content and only showing it to the right audiences
  • Easy one button intuitive recording and automatic publishing
  • Real-time streaming and anytime, anywhere playback
  • Simple video management and organization for executives
  • User-controlled layouts of video and presentations, charts, or data during recording and playback
  • Unmatched capacity for simultaneous recordings, live and on demand playback streams

Installation, Maintenance and Support

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support telepresence, video conferencing, audio visual, and IP network projects across the country and around the world. Access Technologies provides clients with one point of contact for video conferencing, audio visual, and IP network sales, installation, service, management, and support.

Have you been researching a video conferencing system? Do you know which system will be the right one for your organization? To answer these questions or for additional information regarding video conferencing systems and products, please contact Access Technologies.